Martha Claire, owner and lead designer, was born on the east coast and grew up in the midwest in a small town called Fairfield, Iowa. As a child, Martha was always outside- playing in the woods, building forts out of twigs, and climbing every tree she could. She has been immersed in fine art and nature from a young age, but first fell in love with flowers in 2007 when she started working as a floral designer in Oakland, CA. Over the years she has worked in flower shops and event studios in the Bay Area, Colorado, and Southern California. She has been extremely lucky to have gained experience working for some of the best designers in the industry, and she eventually launched her own business in 2013.

Martha now resides in Los Angeles with her two cats, Cosmo and Sandwich. She has a light hearted sense of humor and easy going attitude. She believes in being nice to everyone, always, and working hard at whatever she does. When she's not obsessing over flowers and design, you can find her hiking, rock climbing, or trying very hard to make a perfect bowl on the pottery wheel (this rarely happens, but that's ok-- flaws are beautiful too). If she could, she would eat enchiladas for three meals a day. Most of all, Martha loves weddings and working with rad couples to make their special day beautiful!